Our Areas of Focus

Equity and Fixed-Income Portfolios:

Backed by the research and advisory resources available to us through Steward Partners Investment Solutions (formerly Umpqua Investments), we continue to offer advice and execution on a broad list of individual fixed income and equity securities, ranging from U.S. Governments and Agencies, through tax-free municipal bonds, corporate bonds, to preferred and common stocks, as well as mutual funds investing in any of these instruments and more. Looking for an investment idea? Want an opinion on an existing holding? Give us a call and let us put our resources and experience to work for you.

Discretionary Portfolio Management – Private Investment Management (PIM):

In choosing a money manager, you want someone who not only knows the financial markets, but who knows you and understands what makes you a unique investor. Private Investment Management enables our team to provide you with discretionary asset management services that can be customized to help you as you attempt to meet your investment objectives. Features of PIM include:

  • Customized Portfolio – Based on your specific needs and objectives, we can handpick individual securities for your portfolio.
  • Enhanced Communication – In addition to your regular monthly statement, you will receive quarterly updates on your account, detailing your portfolio’s performance in absolute terms, as well as relative to your chosen benchmark. We are, of course, available to discuss any questions or concerns regarding your portfolio at any time between reviews.
  • Single Fee – PIM’s all-inclusive, asset-based fee ensures we share the same goal – your investment success.

Mutual Fund Advisory – Custom Choice:

With access to a broad universe of institutional share class, no-load, and load-waived mutual funds, Custom Choice is a mutual fund advisory program that allows our clients to construct a portfolio of mutual funds tailored to their personal investment plan. With Custom Choice, we can offer:

  • Objective, conflict-free advice.
  • Access to over 4,200 institutional, no-load, and load-waived mutual funds, including many that are otherwise only available to institutional investors.
  • Quarterly performance reports to track your progress.
  • The option to execute automatic rebalancing of your account to your stated asset allocation and diversification targets.
  • Single Fee – Custom Choice’s all-inclusive, asset-based fee ensures we share the same goal – your investment success.

Individual & Small Business Retirement Plans:

ll types of businesses, including corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships, are able to establish retirement plans for themselves and their employees. The plans can be designed and managed in a number of different ways with varying complexity, allowing businesses to focus on features and benefits most appropriate for their unique situations. Backed by the Retirement Planning resources of Steward Partners Investment Solutions (formerly Umpqua Investments) and by a broad selection of outside resources, we can help you navigate this complex and sometimes confusing area. We can provide assistance with many types of plans, including profit-sharing, 401(k) plans, Simplified Employer Pension (SEP) plans, SIMPLE plans, and Individual Retirement Accounts.

We can help you through the life-cycle of retirement plans, as you accumulate retirement funds during your working years, then transition through retirement’s income needs, to eventual distribution to heirs or charities that matter to you.

Financial Planning and Analysis – Envision:

Combining goals-based guidance with sophisticated statistical modeling, Envision can be an effective and easy-to-understand process for helping to define and achieve your most important goals. The objective is to allow you to live your life the best way possible, without undue compromise to your current or future lifestyle, and without taking unnecessary investment risk.

The Envision process allows you and the Lindsey Group to continually monitor and test your progress throughout your life, always answering that key question: “How am I doing?” With the Envision process, we are able to bring new clarity to your life goals and enhance your confidence in achieving them. The Envision process is complimentary and without obligation. To begin, contact a member of the Lindsey Group today.